New guy trying to get setup, needs help - in Grand Junction CO

I am a new person who was just donated a machine from a guy’s wife who passes from Covid last year. I am personally a disabled guy (T.B.I. from a motorcycle accident eight years ago) and I build flags so this will be a great addition and opportunity.
I am trying to get it up and running. I was told that I don’t need the screen (which I don’t have and can’t really afford). I am trying to figure out the software side too.
I am really sorry if you knew the previous owner, but this is looking like a very solid piece of equipment.

If you let us know where you’re located you may find someone here is local to you and can help.

If you let us know what you’ve done with it in getting it set up, that will help us help you.

You can operate it without the monitor, but you’ll need a PC of some sort to connect and that requires the OF to be on the same network. That’s easiest done by plugging an Ethernet cable from your router to the OF controller. There are other options but they’re more complicated for initial setup. But you can use just about any HDMI capable touchscreen monitor - you don’t need the official one. You should be able to find a cheap used one pretty easily.

Thanks Jim. I am in Grand Junction, CO.
That’s what I heard and I think one of my kid’s old computers would work.
I wonder where all the operating software is located and how to download it.

The operating software (CAM) to drive the machine is embedded in the OF controller. You access it to control the machine either via the monitor or a browser window on your PC pointed to the controller. That’s why they need to be on the same network.

The software to create the files (GCode) that the machine will execute to mill out a project is called the CAD software and is typically VCarve, Carbide Create, etc. That runs on your PC but once you create the GCode file and load that onto the OF controller you don’t use it to run the project.

I changed the post title to reflect your location in case there’s someone local.

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Same network will not be an issue. I’m out in my garage and have the WiFi connected out here. I think my questions come down to one simple question. Should I just connect the OF the my desktop out here and run it that way? I do have a smaller XCarve (do yourself a favor and don’t own one) I use to carve unions, and I’m fine using this computer to run both.
Thank you JimHatch, very helpful.

I usually do that myself. You’ll need to open a browser page on the PC and go to the onefinity.local page (http://onefinity.local). Then you’ll see the OF’s control app and can control the machine as if you were using the monitor. You’ll also get to see the project preview because the PC has enough compute power to render it even though the OF controller doesn’t.

I found these things out after I got started. If you make them the first things you do, I think you’ll enjoy a lot more accuracy in your projects.