New setup main controller not working

Hello I’m Wayne. Okay just received my journeyman x50 12/22 got it all assembled and have no signal coming from the main control box The 10.8 in display works I have hooked it up to my laptop and got pictures I have hooked the main controller to a TV and I am not getting a signal to that either I have done everything except take the box apart and bypass the pigtail for the HDMI I really don’t want to do that until I talk to support or have someone walk me through this. A little lost as to where to go from here any help would be appreciated.

Are you SURE you disengaged the red estop? Twist and pull up HARD!

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I was going to suggest the same thing! :slight_smile:


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Yes I did pull the stop button.

Hey Wayne,

when you switch the Onefinity Controller on, do you hear the annoying noise of this nasty little fan?

If so, if you connect the Onefinity Controller to a laptop or a computer or a router with an Ethernet cable, do you see green and yellow lights at the Ethernet port?

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