New Y-Axis Dust Curtains!

Greeting team! Quick look at something I have been working on lately. These dust curtains do a great job at shielding both the rails and leadscrews, as well as keeping a lot of the mess contained within the cutting area.

I have a couple kits out for testing and feedback. Let me know what you guys think!



Well done sir! I have been working on polycarbonate version but not finalized yet.

I found a roll of clear pvc like that at the thrift store for $5, planning on doing the same thing

Cool idea! I’ve been wanting to do this for my wall mounted journeyman since a lot of dust falls on the lower rails and ball screw. Was thinking spandex, but the clear vinyl looks even better!

Thank you. I’m using 20 gauge marine vinyl as it stretches nicely without tearing. Prior to this I was using a cotton bedsheet I had cut up.

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What are you using to hold the vinyl?

I hole punch the vinyl and use a rubber snaps I made to hold it in place as shown below:


Any Static buildup issues using a plastic curtain?

I haven’t had any issues with static. Static buildup occurs when you first peel the sheet off the roll, but once it’s laid out and installed there is nothing rubbing on it to generate a static charge so hopefully nothing we’ll ever need to worry about :slight_smile:

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