Noob here Advice!?

Have narrowed choices down to the onefinity or the long mil. Am leaning towards one finity. Thinking these as mist have accessories: dust boot, game controller, boom if available, touch probe, clamp kit and obviously router. Assuming you use the makita, am assuming you need tonset the speeds manually. Any other router options where when you create a toolpath you can alsonset the speed/feeds?

Hello @Chippuccio - welcome to the forums. I think you covered all the options you might need. The game controller, touch probe, and clamps are not necessary, but really nice to have. For alternatives to the Makita, you can get a variable frequency drive system, which will allow you to control the spindle speed through G-Code. They are a bit more expensive than the Makita (~$450 US), but provide more flexibility. There is a really great thread about it on the forums. Hope this helps.