Now the wait begins

Hi all,

Just ordered my OF. When I ordered my prusa 3d printer I had to wait and it turned out to be well worth the wait - I think it will be the same with the OF. Both seem the head of their class with respect to quality of machine for the money.

I’ve been lurking a bit in the forums and it’s nice to see so many people willing to help. I’m thinking I’ll need some of that help. I have a little bit of experience with a cheap 3018 but that doesn’t count for much.

For those interested I’ll be making my table from the 2x4 basics kit ( ). I’ve got one of these for other uses already and it’s very solid.



Congrats Chuck - I’ve been impressed with mine so far, so you shouldn’t be disappointed.


I’ve been looking at this kit. Just how sturdy is it? I’m concerned about the shake of the machine.

I’m still waiting on mine, but everything I’ve heard and read this machine is solid as a rock. More likely to get shake if it’s on an unsteady bench than the machine itself. On Myers Workshop youtube channel he has video of he and his son standing on the x crossbar together with no ill effect.