OEM Firmware for X35

I got my Onefinity in October of 2021 … and the biggest problem I’ve had were caused by my fat fingers. My controller is isolated in it’s own cabinet, sitting of a rubber pad, and I’ve got isolators on all the cable to kill off the interference. This machine does exactly what it’s told to do, nothing more nothing less. Might not have been what I wanted, but it was what I told it to do. I’ve been watching this forum since I ordered my X35. With all the issues I’ve read about, I’ve never updated the firmware. As it sits right now, my X35 has done everything I’ve asked it to do. The ONLY issue is that it sometimes doesn’t grab a g-code file the first time I tell it to load.

Is there any real reason to update? I don’t want to fight the update process and I really don’t want to introduce any new bugs into my system!

What version are you on? When I was on 1.09 it work flawless. When I went to 1.21 I had problems. Now I’m on 1.3 and it works flawless again. From 1.21 I went back to 1.09 then updated to 1.3.

I’m currently on the original 1.02

Already answered on the fourm:
Additional Info:

Change log from 1.0.9 to 1.3:

  • (bug) Fixed G-Code file selection (incorrect files loading when uploading new g code, known issue in 1.2.1)
  • (Add-On) Included preset for VFD 60 (PwnCNC VFD included in dropdown)
  • (Add-on) Front end logging for G-Code and Probing issues (for use when reporting issues with firmware)
  • (bug) Fixed stuck/hung probing issues
  • Stability optimizations
  • (bug) Fixed bug when uploading files with special character or spaces in the file name (like . _ ?*&^&, etc.)
  • (bug) Max usable file size increased from 100mb to 1gb
  • (bug) Fixed long/slow movement bug (mostly seen in laser movements that would case the machine to skip steps with long movements under 15~ ipms)
  • (Add-On) Display can now be rotated 180 degrees
  • (bug) Fixed an issue when the most recent file uploaded wasn’t automatically made the active file.
  • (Visual) Added a visual change of the logo header and IP address/ssid/firmware version in the header
  • (Setting) Added to the ‘reset configuration’ to include choosing which Z slider you have currently installed (Z-16 original or the new Z-20 Heavy Duty).

If non of the above matters to you, by all means, stay on 1.0.9.

If anyone is on 1.1.0 or 1.1.1, we recommend flashing the SD card, rather than just updating. If you are on 1.0.9 or lower, or 1.2.1, and have never installed 1.1.0 or 1.1.1, you are good to just update rather than a full flash.

If you are on a firmware and it’s working great for you, great! Simply don’t update. If you’ve read the change log and it includes bug fixes or enhancements you want, Great, go ahead and update.
If you want to flash back to any particular firmware release, great! Go ahead and visit our github and flash the sd to any firmware version you prefer.
As always, the choice is yours.

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