Oil on Z rails too much?

I appreciate that oil will lubricate the rails, however I am getting a little pooling of oil at the bottom of the Z rails. I have wiped them off once already, but here is some that is beginning to collect. They were worse than this when I wiped them off the first time. Is this normal?


Yes I’d defiantly say you are applying a bit much. It should not be pooling like that and there is no place for it to pool up inside the rails either. I’d cut back on the amount used. I typically add 2 or 3 drops every 3 or 4 uses and do not have pooling or issues.


It’s a new machine, maybe two or three weeks old. I have not done any maintenance or changes to it yet. Factory setting

Then just wipe it clean, you should not have oil pooling or collecting really on the rails. It is meant to be a think transparent coat… probably just got a bit much at manufacture.

Should be good if you wipe it clean and go from there.

Thanks Alex. Will do