OneFinity Companion Software from Triquetra Give Away

Want a free copy of the Triquetra Tool Box Companion for OneFinity CNC?

Be the first to tell me what will be engraved with the g-code below. No cheating by running the code Just answer what will be engraved and any comments to support your answer. The first correct answer gets the software absolutely free for life, Courtesy of Mr. Gary Butler. He purchased two copies and told me to wish someone a Merry Christmas and give them his second copy.

So here’s the gcode:

G20 G54 G90 F50
G0 Z0.5
G0 X0Y0
S15000 M3
G1 Z0.010
G1 X25.4
G1 X1
G1 Y1
G1 Z0.500

a square… misread the code… start a point x1 move to x 25.4, then to y 25.4, back to x1 then y 1.

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@BeerMedic522 Oh so close, read the question carefully and then the code line by line.

Would nothing be engraved because the Z values were not negative - meaning did not enter the material?

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And the winner is @TMToronto. That is exactly the correct answer. If the Z axis command had read G1 Z-0.010 then @BeerMedic522 would have been correct.

Send me a pm with your name and email address and I will send you a download link with activation codes, or you can email me directly at


Thank you @charleyntexas and Gary B. for the opportunity and prize - it is appreciated. I sent you an email @charleyntexas earlier today. If you need any other information let me know.

Tom M

awesome giveaway charlie!

thanks Charlie. This is great stuff for us Newbees!

@TMToronto I have been in the shop all day but you should have the email now with the download link and activation codes. Thanks again for playing along.


Thank you Charley - work comes first! I received your email and have successfully installed the software.
My tool fund has almost reached its financial goal, at which point I can hit the “place order” button in my OF shopping cart.