Triquetra Tool Box Companion for OneFinity and Triquetra Touch Plates

The “One Machine Infinite Possibilities” now has “Infinite Zeroing Possibilities”. The Companion software from Triquetra CNC is written specifically for the OneFinity CNC. Get it here: Triquetra Tool Box Companion for OneFinity

This is compatible with both the OneFinity Touch Plate as well as the Triquetra Touch Plate. If you already own a Triquetra Touch Plate please contact me before purchasing. This will be on sale now through Christmas 2020. It is compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10. Mac compatibility via a Windows emulator such as Parallels only.


Great too see it live Charley!

For the rest of the Onefinity Users, as a Beta tester for this product, and a previous user of the Triquetra Toolbox for my X-Carve I can tell you that this is a game changer for anyone who wants to precisely control their Zero point.

Not only can you set you Zero to have any offset you want, but it allows you to zero to front right, or even zero off round objects. There is an Expert Mode and a Beginner mode which makes getting up to speed with how to use it quick and clear. Then once you know it in and out you can flip to Expert Mode and skip all the tutorials etc.

For $10 this is well worth it, when Charley and I talked he was going to charge $20. @charleyntexas you must be in the Christmas spirit already.

Thanks again Charley for all you do for the forum and now another great tool!



Charlie, does the OF software have a macros feature that can use all of the different toolbox compainon zeroing gcodes for 1/8 and 1/4 bits? Kinda like the picsender does.

You will need to create a file for each diameter of bit you use. Bit diameter is defined as the diameter of the portion of the bit that will make contact with the sides of the touch plate and not necessarily the type of bit. A 1/8 inch v-bit, ball nose, and strait end mill would all use a file created for a 1/8 diameter bit. The OF controller doesn’t make any calculations based on bit diameters the way Easel or Carbide Motion does. All of the calculations are made in the Companion software when the file is generated. Also the Companion software does not link to the OF machine itself. It only generates zeroing files based on your inputs. You then send that file to the OF controller just like you would a carving file created in V Carve and run it the same way… as if it were a carving file.

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Looks great Charley. Placed my order :smile:

@charleyntexas Well damnit. lol. This looks to awesome to pass up. Ordered! lol.

How do we order? I would like one.

The link is in the post above:
Just add to cart like you would any other online purchase


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Ordered! Sounds like a great option for things down the road

Thanks Charlie, ordered and received. Now will you also do one for the Jtech laser?

Laser Zeroing is already included.


I just ordered the software as well. Hopefully this help make things easier in February when I’m setting up!

Charlie, I already have a Triquetra touch plate. Can I use the companion software I already have to generate the gcodes?

@McFarlanMade Yes, if you already have a Triquetra Touch plate and Triquetra Tool Box it will work fine with the OneFinity. You will need a new wire though. The connection at the controller is different than you have. They are available on my web site.

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Thanks to OF support pointing me towards this post so I could order the cable for my current Triquetra!


Is this $10 or $20. I see this page and hit the link to find something else. Just a FYI.