Original Series Drag Chain

I received the new drag chains for my X-50 Journeyman. Everything worked as it should except for the X-rail ball screw oil port screw was conflicting with the drag chain rail. I couldn’t tighten the drag chain rail screws without bending the rail. Is there a solution to this? I thought about trying to find a button head screw to replace it with. Wanted to see what others had done and/or what @OnefinityCNC recommends for this issue. I included a few pictures. I’m very excited to get these up and running!

Hey Fulton,

Apparently, they shipped out a lot of the Z-Gantry’s with the oil screw in the wrong place. @OnefinityCNC sent me a video on how to switch it around to the front and rotate the ball screw accordingly. I would send you the link; but, it no longer works for me. Maybe they can send to you.


Another option would be to replace it with a grub screw. That way you don’t have to disassemble the z-slider. If I remember right it’s a M4.

The drag chain will also hit a tramming screw at the back of the x rail when moving to the far right. That screw has to be replaced with a grub screw anyway.

Thank you for the responses. Currently the oil port screw is very easy to access and doesn’t require disassembling the z-slider. The oil port screw has not been a problem until now trying to mount the drag chain rail. I would love to know if anyone did or did not have this issue mounting the drag chain rail.