Pause job then plunge Z!

So I was nearly finished with a 2 sided job and it was going fine, I had the last bit of gcode to load and run.
Loaded it up started to run and it looked like it was off cantered slightly so I paused the job on the screen went to PC to check alignment and it was fine. So I pressed play, then. :scream: z plunged 1cm straight down. What did I do wrong I did not move the work piece or X,Y or Z. Am I wrong in thinking it should just pick up from we’re it left of or should I have stopped the job and restarted it!

This image you can just see where it started the carve about 0.5mm deep then the massive crater

image|375x500 !

Below image is about the depth it should have beenimage|375x500

Any help would be much appreciated



I stopped the job completely and reloaded and let it run through , it was off center but that’s me and it was my first 2 sided job.

And it ran through with out any issues

Just now have a dragonfly with a massive hole in its tail!