People seeing the light to late

So I’ve been doing my research and watching tons of yourtube videos on all sorts of cnc machines and how they build them and what to put them on and so on. I found one video on the shark cnc and the youtuber building a box for it. Looked great and all just the wrong cnc machine under it lol. But as he is setting it up he starts talking about a few go to people to watch and what good info they have. While he is talking about Myers Woodshop he starts to talk about how Myers had the shark than found the light with the One lol. He then goes into his some what regret about not finding the Onefinity sooner and how he wish he went with us before. Just thought it was funny and wanted to share with the group.

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Hey Cole, can you link that video?


Here is the link to the video. I seen it also.

David Jeschke beat me to it. But that is it Onefinity

Well, I was looking at CNCs and was dead set on a shapeoko after finding @MyersWoodshop youtube channel. It looked like a great machine.
I was literally going to order one that same day… Then his breakup video came out haha.
Normally I am NOT a patient person, at all. I reached out to OF and they said they had one left of the after pre order number of extras. So I got very very lucky.
Of course waiting for 6 months was so hard, but it was the best decision ive made in a while.