Power safety during bit changes

I haven’t seen anyone mention this…
Maybe it’s a given…
Does everyone physically pull the plug on their router before changing bits?

I have not, but then again, I don’t go near the power button during a tool change. In addition, I use a breakout board and a IOT.

I do power the router off with the switch because I don’t trust the relay with my finger tips :slight_smile:

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Osha would say physically pull the plug.
Just sayin…still have ten fingers, lol.

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Fair given I am at 9.98…shaper incident… I got very lucky… I have been tempted to put a more physical separate switch in place too. I am u plug it kinda guy with everything else which is why I still at least flip the switch

I have a spindle, which is controlled by the 1F for start/stop. I don’t think there’s any way for me to accidently start the spindle, but I did have some second thoughts about the possibility. A second person in the shop would increase the risk more than I’d like.

I’ve always unplugged my routers when making bit changes, just don’t trust leaving them plugged in while changing bits.

I’m sure many don’t. I just can’t. Whenever I change a bit on my router table or table saw, I unplug the tool.

I don’t unplug it but I do ensure the power switch is off. Extremely unlikely I will hit the switch while changing a bit, and if I do, my hand wouldn’t be near the bit (at least one of them). If I start to use a VFD, that might change.


I have never unplugged my table saw or router (table mounted) and not near a switch when making tool changes, while servicing is another topic. That being said~ I can say that I never came to the shop and any of them were running on their on accord. My nickel <inflation adjusted :slight_smile: