Princess Auto Dust Collector

Any opinions on this dust collector?

The dust bag needs to be replaced before using it. A 35-micron filter is useless - it spews very fine dust everywhere. You may not see it, but your lungs will breathe it. I have a HEPA filter cartridge, with a 1-micron filter for comparison.

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@Barry I added a proper air filter and tossed the bag. @MikeH is correct, the bags will have you breathing all kinds of particles you won’t see at the time. Only in the morning will you notice just how much dust was suspended in the air as it will have fallen and collected all over your shop and equipment surfaces over night. Of the 2 options below I have the 14.75" version as I have the 1HP dust collector and this is the size of the diffuser ring section for me. Hope this helps

Barry… try looking at Busy Bee

Barry, I’m using a cheap 1hp dust collector from HF. It doesn’t have the canister filter or a dust deputy yet. I wanted to find out if it’s enough for the 1F. So far it’s been more than enough. I’m thinking of just replacing the bag with a canister filter.