Probe z confusion

normally I make my model top the same as stock top. So when I probe z for my tool paths, Onefinity knows that’s both stock and model top. But on this most recent job I started with a facing operation that removed an 1/8" of stock down to the model top. So now I’m realizing I don’t have any way to probe stock top anymore.

I’m using Fusion 360—do I need to go into my toolpaths and tell them (somehow) that probe z will now be from model top? Or does onefinity somehow know from the g-code that the stock top was removed and I’m now probing from model top?

Stuck in Culver City

You will need to change your setup to use model top instead of stock top and regenerate your toolpaths and post process new g-code files.

Ah, got it. I ended up just redoing the setup to the new, after-facing size and using the new stock box point. But good to know. Thx!