Probing issue X/Y/Z

So while probing X/Y/Z there are times when it works correctly and then all of a sudden the probe doesn’t stop at the block and continues going in whichever direction it was probing for. I was running a job and was rezeroing Z a few times for different tool paths and it would continue going down and I had to hit the emergency stop. Then one time I was probing X/Y and didn’t catch it in time and it snapped my bit because it wouldn’t stop when it hit the block.

Masso 5.03 and PWNCNC spindle. I’ve seen where some people didn’t have to use the grounding wire but I have to use it.

Also having issues with it not recognizing the USB stick sometimes. It will be working ok and then when I had to reset the controller because of issues like above, when it booted back up it would say no USB stick.

So far not too much of a fan of the Masso.

I have ceramic bearings in my spindle so a grounding wire would have to be incorporated for sure, the USB not being recognized is a known issue and I believe Masso is working on it, have you contacted them about it.
I can’t say enough good about my Masso machine , enough so I bought another to replace Mach 3 on a lathe I built several years ago.

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As a workaround, use a USB extension cable in one of the other USB ports.

Odd things happen when the USB stick is unplugged or goes missing when something’s running - or if you load a program and then delete it without first loading a different program. The USB issues could possibly have caused the machine to go off the rails while probing.

WRT touch plate, if the rails/frame aren’t grounded to Masso’s -ve, you need to use both wires. And as far as I can tell, that’s how these machines ship (no -ve connection to frame), so everyone should have to use both wires. You can attach the magnet connection (-ve) to anywhere on the frame that has continuity to the spingle and bit - such as the screw on top of the Y rail IR limit sensor.

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Its not a Masso problem, it’s a 1f problem as the cable is a depreciating asset.

Without a bit loaded, test the probe by doing a cycle that won’t let the spindle hit anything (like X only with nothing in the way) while holding the plate in your hand. Manually touch the magnet to the plate at a random time while the spindle is moving. Repeat the test a few times trying different axis/corners - just make sure nothing’s in the way.

I’ve done that now that I found that the word “Probe” turns to green when the bit touches the plate.


Did you ever find a root cause of the probe not stopping? I experienced this a number of times with my old onefinity, but haven’t seen it on my masso until now. It probed x and y fine then shoved the bit down hard on the z until it stalled and gave me an error. Restarted and redid everything, probed z just fine.

What’s funny is that because the original onefinity did this fairly often (and having broken some bits in the process), I made a habit of tapping the magnetic sensor on the plate prior to any probing to test if it was working fine. As a double check I would just lift and then touch the plate to the bit (with magnetic part connected) to see if it it stops. THEN I would probe z normally. I stopped habitually doing that with the Masso controller after a few dozen times probing without issues. But it’s back :expressionless:.

Yes, I found I couldn’t put the magnetic end on the upper part of the spindle. Once I started using the area where the big wrench is used it hasn’t failed since.

Oh interesting. I have tried putting it on the collet nut but never the spindle.