Problem setting radius in Fusion 360

I build acoustic guitars. I have programmed F360 to cut x-braces. I have specified a radius of 300" for the bottom of the brace, but F360 keeps reverting to a radius of 168". Where am I going wrong?

I assume this is a radius in a sketch. I have no problem setting the diameter to 600 inches.

That’s a big guitar.


You can try using a three-point arc and only constrain the endpoints. The dimension (radius or diameter) will place the center point. If you are having issues you may have a hidden constraint somewhere. This often happens when an errant snap happens.

I hope this helps. I build acoustic guitars too!

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Found it, simple mistake. I was specifying radius and the program was asking for diameter.

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Mike, how are you using your CNC in your acoustic building? So far I’ve only used mine to cut out braces, but I’ve only had it two weeks. I plan to do compound fretboards, bridges and rosettes. And later on archtops.