Proper Z probe for my v bit

I’m having trouble getting a proper z probe for my 60 degree v bit. I followed the online x and y probe instructions using a 1/4 end mill bit then switched to the v bit and set the z. The carve was barely touching the wood. It works in the program preview so I assume there is something I am doing wrong. I also tried resetting the z manually to the top of the material and also to the - 0.16 below the materials surface where the carve is suppose to take place. It did the same thing every time, just barely skimmed the wood. The only way I got it to work was by setting z and then manually dropping the bit lower until it did the carve properly. I know this can’t be the answer so looking for some insight. Please.

@Granthull75 I would double check where the xyz point is set in my design software. since it is cutting above the surface when zeroing z at the surface, it makes me think the design zero z point is on the bottom, ie, z would need to be set at the waste board instead of stock surface. Hope that helps!

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I figured out that I was putting the bit too high in the collet. It was down enough to hit the probe but not enough to reach the depth of the cut.