QCW Woodworker (32") to Journeyman (48") UPGRADE KIT is now available

QCW Woodworker (32") to Journeyman (48") UPGRADE KIT is now available.

If you’ve taken advantage of our IPP trade in program, you’ve likely started out with a Woodworker sized machine and now have a Journeyman sized machine. This program has been available since we originally launched in 2020, expanded to Pro machines in "23, and now includes Elite machines in '24.

Learn About Our IPP Rail Trade In Program

The expansion is an amazing upgrade, but what do you do with your Woodworker sized QCW now that your machine is a Journeyman? Previously, you’d need to purchase an entirely new QCW frame. Not any more!

The new QCW upgrade kit converts your Woodworker sized (32x32) QCW to a Journeyman sized (48x32) QCW with just a few parts. In under 30 mins or less, you’ll enjoy the new QCW.

What machine series does this work for?

Because of the Onefinity’s groundbreaking design, the QCW fits all machine Series. From the very first Onefinity ever made, to the Original Series, Pro Series, or Elite Series, the QCW fits them all.

Woodworker to Journeyman QCW Upgrade Kit (Secure from Above)
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Woodworker to Journeyman QCW Upgrade Kit (Secure from Beneath)
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This listing is for those that currently have a Woodworker sized (32x32) QCW and want to upgrade it to a Journeyman sized (48x32) QCW.

Kit Includes:

  • 1X front Journeyman tube
  • 1X back Journeyman tube
  • 2X t track rails
  • All additional hardware (8x long bolts for t-track)
  • 26 screws for below or 26 bolts for above + 6 pem nuts

You are not required to return any unused parts from this kit as it is not part of the IPP program

Important Note: T-Track works with 1/4-20 Hex Head Bolts. Clamps that use a different size Bolt may not work with the T-Track.

1/4-20 Hex Head Bolts can be found here: McMaster-Carr

QCW Manual can be found here: QWC Manual

For more info please check out the QCW Frame promo video: https://youtu.be/uG9UhdVFnv0

Note: MDF is not included.

Installation Videos: QCW Frame: https://youtu.be/muNO4zxq36U

Creating Waste board: https://youtu.be/ZdnZXLD8yyw

Attaching your Onefinity CNC: https://youtu.be/9wQefGPz5Vo

Machinist QCW Frame (Secure from beneath)
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Woodworker QCW Frame (Secure from Above) Version
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Journeyman QCW Frame (Secure from above)
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Foreman QCW Frame
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