Quick engrave issue

I am making a catch all tray that is 1.29 inches deep.I am using V Carve pro. I am able to hog out the center fairly quickly to .75 inches. When I get to the bottom I want to quick engrave an image. I switch to a 30 deg v bit and zero at original corner. The depth is .03 for the engraving. My problem is I get 45 mins of air engraving before it gets to the bottom. Its not like tool paths where you can give it a starting depth. I tried to z on the bottom of the piece and it scrapes across the top portion of the piece. any help would be greatly appreciated.

In the Vcarve Toolpaths, at the top, you set the depth of where the graphic CUT surface begins, and next, how deep that cut will be.

Your Z probe is still the top of the material, as set in the Job Setup…

Hope that helps…


In Gerry’s pic you’d set the Start Depth (D) to 0.75 and Flat Depth (F) to 0.03.

The bit will drop to the bottom of your tray and then engrave. That will skip the air carving you’re doing now.

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That is a v carve. I am doing a quick engrave due to open vector issues.

Ah. The Quick Engrave is designed to be used with a diamond drag bit which pressure loads to get the markings.

You could try to fool it by resetting your Z0 at the bottom of the tray’s pocket using the paper drag technique vs the touch off block. Then use the Depth/Pressure setting for your 0.03"

Or try using the Photo VCarve. Not sure what you’ll get without seeing your project though.

The other option is to fix the open vectors using the Join Open Vectors tool. You can also try using the Vector Validator to help identify the specific issues your vectors have so you can fix them using the different vector or endpoint joining tools.

Show us a picture of the file.

Is it something you can run as a profile toolpath? Open vectors are no problem in the profile toolpath and you can specify a start depth.

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first is 2d, the next is a tool path due to open contours/vectors. Quick engrave is the only way I have found to get the engraving to come out.

I’m not exactly understanding what your issue is.

Do you want the star, house to look like they are shown in the toolpath preview photo or do you just want them outlined? Right now it looks like you have the bit set way too deep.

Or are you having problems getting Texas and San Antonio to carve in general?

I see you as having two options.

  1. Leave vectors as is and carve them with your 30 degree v bit to a specific depth (your .03") using the profile cutting tool path set to start at .075" and set to cut “on the line”. This will cut a single line over all the vectors that are present. You may have to reduce the cut depth if it is too much in the preview.

  2. Fix your open vector issue and Vcarve it. You’ll likely have to change to a different font that has open space between the vectors (the v-bit carves out the open space…no open space and it may just see the text as open vectors). If you V carve the house and the star, you will have to consider using the flat bottom setting because I don’t think the house will look right without it. And don’t vcarve that with a 30 bit…use a 60 or a 90.

I think option 1is the best choice. Your “open vectors” seem to be coming from your font choice. Your text (at least the San Antonio) looks like it was converted to curves and is no longer actual text. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to select just the O’s.

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