Raise Z after hitting Stop


When the Stop button is hit, the movement stops and if you don’t have a IoT relay, the router is obviously still spinning and in contact with the workpiece which can be dangerous. Even with an IoT, as the router spins down it is still in contact with the piece.

Is it possible to change the Stop procedure to be “stop movement on X and Y, but raise Z”, even if it only .1 of an inch; just to get it out of contact with the piece.


I’m not at all familiar with the BuildBotics controller so, there’s that and I’m not sure I’m understanding the question … I’m wondering if you are needing to click the Stop button often during a job or is this when the job is completed? If it is when the job is completed you should be able to use your post processor to raise the Z to a safe height and then move the X and Y to wherever is most appropriate for your workflow. If you have an IoT relay you should also be able to use the post processor to have your code turn the router off without any interaction on your part.

The F360 PP move the router to home after finishing a job; I think Vectric does two. But based on the post, I’m thinking it is when stop is pressed vs finishing a job. I could see some danger in moving the machine when stop is pressed. I generally only hit stop when something has gone wrong - usually crashed into something, so move the machine may make the problem worse. Perhaps a “normal stop” button and a “bad stop” button that is short of e-stop?


The only move that I would like to see is Z moving up (definitely not X or Y!!) just a bit to get out of contact with the wood. And this in cases of a problem with the carve - workpiece moved, etc.

There are cases where moving the Z axis up on hitting stop would be bad - like using a dovetail bit, slot cutting bit or a forming bit where raising the bit up will remove material above the cutting edge so it wouldn’t be ideal for all circumstances.

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Steve - gotcha - that makes sense!