Repeatable cuts

If i want to make say 10 pieces of something. can I just insert a new block and hit start or do you have to start the set up over for each piece.

Hey Butch,

if your workpieces are identical and you make sure they’re at the very same position, yes. Should the workpieces differ slightly in height, I would set the part zero or part origin in your 3D workpiece model on top of the workpiece and probe Z on top before every run.

Build a jig or at least a L fence that you can register your wood against.


thanks, yes i would have to it set up so each piece was the same and in the same staring point just wasn’t sure if i had to zero out etc. for every piece thank you

I built a nesting jig so that all i had to do was put the workpiec in the jig tighen the two hold downs and press strt so yes it can be done just make sure the jig is secure and the workpiece fits snuggly. i did this for my aluminum holddowns/

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I did this friday. I’m wall mounted so a fence at least left side of x is necessary but I have one front of y as well. I set up my first piece and just reran my jobs.

Worked great.

I’d be interested in seeing that; any pics?

I drilled 4 dog holes in my spoilboard, with the CNC, at a right angle. I can stick a board against them and always be in the same spot.

great, thank you everyone. That’s what I was hoping for