Router run time

So for all you seasoned CNC peeps in here… How long can I let my Makita router run before I should stop and let it cool off? I haven’t run it for anything over 32 minutes at one time but I have a project Im getting ready to do that is going to require several hours. I realize this is the perfect scenario for the spindle but I have what I have right now, including extra brushes for the router, and I can’t upgrade just yet. Has anyone burned up a router doing long run times?

Thanks for your help

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we’ve run it for days, you’ll be good.


Ok just checking. My stepper motors are 120 degrees and my router is 105. It just seemed a little hot to let it run like that but if you think it’s good then i will keep going

I just ran mine for for about 30 hours and had no issues. Temps are in the 65F to 70 here in western New York.

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For anyone running extended periods of time, spare brushes are a must and a spare router is advisable, just to minimize inconvenience if it happens to quit in the middle of a long project.

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Where does one get these brushes?

I got mine on Amazon:

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