Sanding with the 1F

Has anyone successfully tried to adapt a 5-6” sanding pad to their 1F to run the endless passes and grits on stripping or live edge projects? Thanks in advance.

I don’t think it could handle the RPM of the router.

Psst… 8500RPM Max so be wise.

Flatten it with the CNC using a spoil board bit or a flycutter - sanding is all manual labor; sorry.

I’ve used both and the flycutter is amazing. Super expensive, but worth the investment since the blades are replaceable. Finishes to ~80 grit so you really only need to do 120 if you are finishing with Osmo or Odie’s. Probably go to 220 if you want poly or something.


Good info thank you!

Random orbit sander. No need to try and reinvent the wheel

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I tried it today with a 2" sanding pad, 80 grit. It worked better than I thought it would.


Well, I never expected this to happen, much less actually work. Now I’m trying to calculate feeds and speeds for applying a topcoat.