Saved Tool Paths Change from Metric to Imperial mid job

Not sure if this is the correct location for this. However, I recently had to get a new computer and of course had to re-download everything onto the new computer. Since then, my problem started.

  • I save visible tool paths into one file in vcarve pro.
  • I transfer the gcode to my Onefinity with a thumb drive.
  • I run the first tool path. Everything’s fine.
  • Have to hit OK to run second part of the combined tool path and it converts to Metric and everything’s off.

I’ve never had this happen before. Hopefully it’s something simple. Thanks in advance.

First things first, is there a G20 or G21 at the beginning of both files?
It looks like one of the files has a G20 (imperial) and the other one has a different configuration.