Screen turning on and off during cut

Today was one of the first times that I’ve been really frustrated with my Onefinity. The screen was turning on and off during a cut- so much so that I could not pause my carve. I had to use the emergency stop because the screen was absolutely useless. I wonder if its a screen issue or something that happens with the controller?

Should I just get a new screen? I have the latest software update. Any help is appreciated!

Your symptoms have been described before, and the usual culprit is that the HDMI connection is very susceptible to EMI, the solution being to add ferrite rings to the cables. You can search here for what folks have recommended.

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I also had the problem. Although it was all the time. With Onefinity Support help it turned out to be a bad HDMI cable. Even the ferrite rings would not help. Maybe since yours is just when you cut ferrite ring may work, if not try a new cable.

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate that and it makes a ton of sense.