Screen Went Dead

Before I get to my issue/question I need to say a few things:

  1. The support from Onefinety and this forum have been OUTSTANDING. As a newbie to CNC it’s really been helpful and I appreciate the responses I’ve received.

  2. why did I wait so long to get into CNC?

  3. why did I only get the machinist as I can already see the need for something bigger,

Now to the serious stuff. My screen went completely black and now will not start up. Does anyone have thoughts or ideas? I had just finished a carving and touched the screen to load a new program.

I agree, support from OF has been great.

I have had problems with my display and it has been caused by some type of display configuration corruption within the Controller’s operating system (Raspberry Pi). The simple fix, for my situation, has been take the memory card out of the controller and re-image it using the disk image provided by OF support. They can provide a link to the disk image and instructions on how to do it. It takes maybe 30 minutes from beginning to end.

thanks just emailed support

You aren’t late, you’re right on time! Had you gotten into it any sooner, you would have found yourself running a weaker machine with drive belts & V-rollers instead of the much more serious machine you now have. :sunglasses: