Self Introduction

Hello everybody! Getting ready to order my x35 WoodWorker and wanted to say hi. I still need to research a few things so I hope to be posting here as I move through my process. I am new to CNC, but I am an IT consultant, so tech is my life. My son and I play a lot with our Creality 10S 3D printer, and have made some cool projects. Cannot wait to up our game with the x35.


Welcome, Bern!!!

Welcome! Sounds like my story… you won’t regret it!

Thanks! The biggest deciding factor to me with the OneFinity is that they are the only manufacturer that offers a rolling/folding stand for their product. Many of us are garage weekend warriors and need the ability to fold it up and store against a wall during the week.

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Placed my order today! Looks like I have plenty of time to read and research before I get my machine.