Selling my machine

I have a onefinity woodworker version. I thought I’ll use it but it mostly sit and taking space. It’s a X50 upgrade with QCW (no legs). The controller does not work and need a replacement. I spent about $3500 on everything. I’m in Dallas area, I can deliver within Dallas or surrounding area. Will take reasonable offers. Thanks

Heads up to anyone looking to purchase this. The warranty is expired and a replacement controller is $500 usd plus tax and shipping.

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I am assuming this is sold, but if not give me a shout! I’m in the Dallas area

It is not sold, getting low ball offers, price is fixed. I recently got a new electronic box. Everything works well on it.

could you tell me what size table it needs to go on to see if it will fit my existing table? and what spindle are you using?

The cut area is 32x32, the table size you will need to set it up is 50x50 inches at least. I use a Makita router for it. You can get a makita router or spindle from Onefinity if you want to upgrade. The Makita router runs well for me since I use it only once in a while.