Setting up Journey man at an angle

Im Very new to the CNC world im seeing that it can be mounted on the wall ill say sideways ive seen mounted sideways at an angle im just trying to get some feed back on mounting at an angle front down and what is the down side my thinking is of course floor space and dust dropping down not on tram screws thanks for your feedback

Yes if you can hang it on the wall you can most certainly put it on an Angle. Although I’ve never seen it done you mount it on the ceiling, might be hard on the arms and neck to work on but the OF does not care.


LOL I was talking about the 1F to my family over dinner the other night telling them how you could mount it at any angle and my son asked if you could mount it on the ceiling. :laughing: I said I suppose so.

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It does come down to how easy it is to work with. Being able to set the work on the table and not have to use one hand to hold it in place is nice.