Shaper Studio Software with 1F

Hello everyone!

I’m new to CNC machines, and while using my 1F machine hasn’t been the biggest challenge, I’m having trouble with the software and the processes required before I can start cutting.

I’ve tried free and paid CAM/CAD products, but I haven’t been delighted with them. It could be my lack of experience, but it’s making me wonder if I should have opted for a more straightforward CNC machine like the Origin.

My main question is if anyone has used Shaper Studio as CAD software and successfully used it with the 1F machine for output. It can export SVG files, but I’m unsure if it includes the CAM element. What would I do to go from using Shaper Studio to cutting on my 1F? Or should I sell my 1F, which is practically brand new, and switch to the Origin for its simplicity?

I would appreciate any help, guidance, and suggestions on easy, intuitive design software that can help me be more successful. Thank you!

I’m pretty sure that Shaper Studio does not deal with G-Code at all. You could export the SVG you create in studio and generate the G-Code in a different app.


Thank you! Are there any g-code software options that work well (in your experience with 1F) and are easier to use than others? I often find myself getting lost in the multitude of options available, and I’m tired of wasting so much time. If you have a reliable software option that works well, please share it with me. Ultimately, I want to spend less time learning software and watching tutorials and more time using CNC machines. I appreciate any help you can provide.

Unfortunately i am a beginner myself. I have been using Skethcup for over 10 years but it lacks the CAM element also.

I am trying to learn carveco Maker now. So far its not hard but still not nearly as intuitive as Sketchup.

I have had a Shaper Origin for almost two years. It is a phenomenal tool but its nit the right tool for what i want to do and i get tired of being on my feet for 3-5 hours guiding its cuts for each project. I want to program and walk away for a bit. I also want 3D capability which the Shaper cannot do.

I am still not sure if i will keep or sell my Origin.

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Hey there! Thanks for getting back to me. It seems like we’re both in a similar situation. I tried using Carveco Maker, but I found it quite complex and overwhelming. It sounds like we might benefit from discussing a potential trade or swap. I think you may have what I’m looking for, and vice versa. Oh well, that’s life! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks for the input!

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You can import SVGs into most CAM software. I’d find one that you hate the least to create your Gcode, and design your SVG files in the CAD software you like the most- shaper studio if thats the case. Seems like you’re almost there, you just need to find a CAM software that’s tolerable for you. Just learn the basic toolpath operations you need (profile, pocket, etc) and apply them to your imported SVG files.

try exporting a simple SVG from shaper into carveco (or vectric, or fusion360) and see how difficult you find it to generate the gcode you need.

I personally wouldn’t give up. As a CNC user my first thought when I saw the Origin was “wow that’s really amazingly cool, and I don’t think I ever want to go near it” :laughing: If you can get over this hump you’ll have a lot more options available to you, just my opinion.


Hey Emanuel,

with FreeCAD, which is a free and open source software, you can make sketches, technical drawings, 3D parts and finally directly mill them on your Onefinitycnc machine. But as with every 3D Design software, you got to take your time to master it. Usuall mastering a 3D Design software takes monthes. Look at the Tutorials in the Documentation section and start with the one for beginners. Also I would always read the Manual. See also Getting Started with FreeCAD, Online Help – Table of Contents and Description of Interface

🢡 Path Walkthrough for the Impatient Tutorial so you can start to mill something quickly.

See also (Onefinity CNC Support)


If I were OP, I’d do F360 if I needed to start over. Today I use a combination of Inkscape + Blender.

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I’ve taught CNC (plasma, laser, router) for 10 years at our local Makerspace. My advice to students was “it’s not an EZ-Bake oven; if you’re not spending 80% of your time in the software, then you’re shortchanging what your machine could do”. The magic is in the design, not the CAM. If learning the software is more than you want to undertake, you can get cut-ready files for just a few bucks from folks on Etsy or Fiverr. Make sure they’re for your machine & your router (or spindle) combo.