Silly Question About Controller

Hey Eric,

this warning can be safely ignored¹. It’s only after loading a g-code program of your own that you have to worry about such warnings.

Next step would be to load a g-code program of your own.

Alternatively you can enter G-code commands into the command entry field of the MDI Tab (in the Tabbed Section).


  1. Help! My Toolpath says ‘Under’ or ‘Over”! (with videos)
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Hey Eric,

what do you mean? Did you read the Onefinity Owners’s Manual, to be found under “Support”?

Hey Eric,

…or do you mean the gamepad or joypad or joystick?

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Sorry, having grown up calling a Joypad a Controller, I will have to break myself from that habit.

I have found that these days I must be told things. Trying to do things as I “read” (wildly difficult) is a waste of time most of the time.

Hey Eric,

Do you have difficulties to read?

I don’t do things while I read either. I first read the manual, then I begin with doing.

Of course I haven’t remembered everything, but having read the whole documentation once allows me to find the answer to a question that appears while doing immediately because at least I know where approximately it was in the manual (or the video).

If it is possible for you, you should take your time and begin with reading all the documentation and watching all the support videos on the OnefinityCNC channel at youtube.

Usually everyone who comes here wants to know the same things, that’s why writing was invented (and videos too nowadays), otherwise some people would have to answer the same questions over and over.

The official Onefinity Assembling Video is here.
The official Onefinity Owner’s Manual with Assembly Instructions (PDF) is here.

I have noticed that many do not know where the official documentation is. The best thing to do when you get the machine (or better yet, right after you order it) is to go through this information:

  1. Read the Fine manuals (PDF)
  2. Watch all the videos from the “Support” Playlist
  3. Read the FAQ documents
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Yes, with my brain injury I have learned that when I read I tend to skip lines, and I end up having to go back and reread everything multiple times. So I have learned that the best way to achieve success is to talk to someone while I do it, which is not likely, but next would be videos.

I am going to start watching videos. I have to say, it is extremely helpful and appreciated that you attach links as you go.

Hey Eric,

I understand, that sucks.

I’m so sorry that this accident happened to you.

That’s a good idea. Fortunately Onefinity makes a lot of effort to create videos for all the possible frequently asked questions or known issues!

I am finding that the videos are not helping get me to the finish line, because they are all made from to outlook that they purchased the machine and are assembling with all the pieces provided. I think I received the bones and that’s about it. Sorry, let me restate that. I received all but the joystick (look at me go, using correct lingo), and the touchscreen. I understand that that this machine can be used without that, and I’m actually constructing my wasteboard today.

So I got on the forum from my phone and grabbed a picture on it. So I snapped a picture of the wasteboard that I got done today. I think I’m just about ready to get started, so now I just need the next step. My XCarve uses Easel, but I really don’t like it, so I’d prefer to use something else.

And this is what I do.

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Hey Eric,

Just in case you feel some part could be missing, here is the

See also:

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I think I came across incorrectly. I’m not concerned with assembling. I think I’ve gotten to the next step. I’m at the point where I need to get the controlling software figured out so that I can get cutting.

Hey Eric,

this should be rather easy. You already have CNC experience.

You open your favorite CAD/CAM program, create a 3D model of whatever you want to mill, select the Onefinity Post processor, export the toolpath as g-code to a USB stick (needs to be formatted with FAT32, NTFS or ext4 – support for modern exFAT is not installed¹ on the Onefinity Controller :frowning:), insert the USB stick into the Onefinity Controller, click on the “Upload a new G-code program” icon, select the file, switch the router on, and click on the “Play” icon.

If you want to watch videos, you know where the OnefinityCNC youtube channel is.

There you can

1. – would become available via fuse on the older Raspberry Pi OS version found on Onefinity controller by doing ‘apt-get install fuse exfat-fuse exfat-utils’

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So I actually had Aspire given a couple years ago, so making Gcode is no issue. I actually loaded up the plane out my wasteboard and I could not get it to move. It just threw errors and that was it.

if you look at your simulation, the teal box is where the machine can move. the neon green is where your gcode is telling it to move, which is outside the box, hence your issues.

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Which product do you have? If it is a journeyman you’d be looking at about 48" wide and 32" deep. Based on that 3D image and your file name, I think you did 30" wide and 42" deep. I.e. you need to rotate it 90º.

Ok, that would be a solution. Thanks Atroz.

Ok, got it figured out. The last problem is that the Z did not drop back down after probing.

I believe I’m ready to cut my wasteboard, but I seem to be having issues with limits again. I know that they are not something important, that I need to be concerned about, but I have them pop up when I try to probe, and it is keeping me from probing. And the Z was the issue before so that is definitely something I think needs to be correct.