Software to convert plans for a ship model (2D jpgs) into gcode for onefinity X50 cnc

Which software can convert model ship, plane plans into gcode for X50 machine

Either Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw can convert line drawings or vectors into spline paths for .DWG export to your CAD/CAM software.

I’m personally using CorelDraw for this purpose (it comes packaged with the Corel Graphics Suite for about $500 USD).

I’m reading that InkScape can accomplish this as well as a free alternative.


Thank you, very helpful.

Marty McDermott

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I replied to you about Mac software and mentioned using Carveco Maker+. It can also convert bitmaps into vectors that you can then generate gcode from. I don’t know if it is better or worse than the packages mentioned for doing this but it does it all (trace, edit, setting toolpaths, outputting onefinity gcode).

Thank you? You have been helpful