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Looking on the SolidWorks world for an answer but so far no find so I will try Onefinity forum. With the new deal from SolidWorks for Solidworks 3D Experience for $48 a year that is great. I have used Solidworks for years. I am wondering has anyone used this 3D Experience with the OneFinity ?

I am using the SolidWorks 3D experience license for what counts up to about 70 models so far but have pretty much given up on most of the added “features” of the connected “experience”. The local installed modeling component works (mostly) pretty well until the Dassault site goes down and you can’t login and therefore not use the desktop component. The 3D modeler is as great as it has always been, and you can import/export from/to pretty much any format. The rest, not so much from my recent experience.

I have been using Autocad since 286/287 chips and Solidworks going back to 486 processors,(which dates me) and have always liked Solidworks better for parametric models. I gave this edition a solid try, did the tutorials etc. To call it uninspired over reaching bloat ware is, I believe, is being kind. For the $48 a year it is crazy worth the money, just for the parametric models, but I would love for someone to explain to me, in detail, how the byzantine convoluted connected framework adds any value outside a massive organization with dedicated specialists.

While I have a way better history and experience using Solidworks for 3D modeling, if I was doing anything more than the hobby work I do now for fun, I would use the Autodesk products. Fusion 360, Inventor, Autocadd, etc. For my entertainment I just can’t justify the never ending massive license costs that is the current model for other than the one crippleware free version of F360.Others may feel differently about the Autodesk costs; they just offend me. I also have not forgotten or forgiven when my much beloved version of Autocadd 2006 stopped working with I think it was windows 10 and no answer other than buy a new recurring fee version was provided.

$48 dollars for Solidworks is $48 dollars well spent.

Hope this helps


Hi Wayne – where did you see that pricing? All I see on their website is “contact sales”.

That said, as long as you have a post processor, there shouldn’t be able issue using any CAD/CAM solution with the OF.


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It was in an email from SolidWorks.

See partial screen capture attached

Thus is a good deal if you do not mind using the cloud.

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From a Google search’:

Solidworks also provides a Veterans discount license for US and Canadian veterans at a cost of $20 US

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This a far better license than the maker license I am using. I had no idea it existed.

Thanks Scott!

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I am pretty sure I found out about the military/student discount buried in one of the threads here. I have been using Sketchup since around 2010. I have a perpetual Sketchup 2021 license. I stopped paying for it when Trimble increased the license 300% and unfortunately Sketchup doesnt do CAM. I am looking forward to learning Solidworks.

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