Source for bit cases?

Does anyone have a source for empty plastic bit cases? I haven’t been able to find anything on Amazon or elsewhere.


Do a search for router bit case and you should get lots to choose from. You can also make a custom case if you want. Rockler sells plastic inserts to hold the bits.

I am specifically looking for the individual bit cases like this:

I found a few sources under search “plastic end mill cases” but this one in particular looks somewhat promising as being US-based.

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That looks to be exactly what I am looking for, thanks! I never thought to use the term “end mill”. :man_facepalming:

No worries and thank you, too, because they’re something I’m also going to need in time and you helped me move beyond my typical procrastination to actually source 'em. :joy:

I received my end mill grip packs today from (which is actually Beckett Packaging) They are exactly what I was looking for. In case it helps anyone else down the road, here is what I ordered:
GRPM080250L02 - these are the 1/4" caps in red
GRPF080079C00 - these are the cases 5/16 X 3.11 (8 X 79MM)

Minimum quantity is 20. Combined it was $24.24 plus tax and $9.60 for USPS priority. I ordered Sunday and they arrived Wednesday.

I also ordered some 1/2" caps and cases which ran me about $33.

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