Spindles - Lingering Questions

Hey Michael, hey Jim, hey all,

the VFD Hitachi WJ200 is practically identical to the VFD Omron MX2 which I own and which I can highly recommend.

The specific model 200V-class single-phase input, 2.2 kW (3 HP) / 11 A output Michael presented here and bought here for use with a 2.2 kW spindle is called

and the same model from Omron is called

which is the one I own. Not only they look the same but also as you can see the manuals are practically of identical content.

Btw, CNC Depot in Gallatin, TN (USA) mentioned above, recommends the Hitachi WJ200 for their spindles and sells it too.

Note that generally the prices seem to go up in the last monthes this year. Both the VFD and the spindle I bought earlier this year are both much more expensive now.