Stepcraft spindle thoughts?

What do y’all think of the 1kW spindle from Stepcraft? The benefit relative to a big box spindle, they sell the Dewalt unit, is triple radial bearings to better sustain long run axial loads. They also have a speed controlled brushless spindle at 500W.

I like the idea of the upgraded bearings, but it surely looks incompatible with the OF mounts.

I moved into an 800 watt spindle/VFD combo a while ago. Noticeably much better than trim routers. I also have a 2.2KW spindle and just waiting for the 80mm mount to show up next month. Don’t touch the 500 watt spindle. Also with the 1000 watt spindle shown above, have you thought about your clearance above the spindle mounting ring and the Z-axis motor? Better know the whole picture before considering equipment upgrades.

Yes but I would think we could use a CNC to make a new spindle mount ;-). Definitely starting with the Makita but just looking around at options. I think Stepcraft os pretty reputable and I think their spindles are german made Kress or similar.

A new spindle mount is the one part. The second issue is the clearance between the spindle mount and its travel clearance with the Z-axis stepper motor. The MM1000 has a lot of spindle above its mounting location

Great feedback, will be sure to investigate before pulling the trigger on that spindle.