Stepper motor in alarm state

My stepper motor on the Y rail will not work. Iv checked all connections, obstructions, and have unplugged and restarted everything and still nothing. Email has been sent to support. Any recommendations?

I have the exact same problem…. (Well almost I have a different pair of crocs……lol)

Does anyone have a clue to reset.

Y rail won’t move past 25” when jogging

Here is a link to Massos stepper motor documentation. It explains how it should be wired and possible error causes for the red error light.

Update, onfinity helped me troubleshoot all day on Saturday and looks like a bad stepper. They are sending me a new one tomorrow


Update: Onefinity knocked it out of the park on Sunday.

Support helped me on Sunday!!!

It too looks like a bad stepper motor and the will be sending me one on Monday as well

This is such a great machine and customer service and support!!!