Y rail stepper alarm state. Not engaging (solved, damaged motor)

My Elite WW arrived this week and last night I managed to assemble and try to do a quick function check. I noticed on first power on that the left Stepper on my Y would not leave the alarm state. Meaning Red light wouldn’t’ go off when stop switch was cycled. All other motors worked as they should. I have checked cables, power outlets, obstructions, motor dip switches and I also checked for the 24v on E pin of stepper which should have disabled the alarm state. Onefinity support was surprisingly responsive for the late hour but since a few back and forth emails I have heard nothing from them.

Anyone out there have a clue I can try?

Do you also have 36vdc on the power input between the red/black wires?

I do have 36V on the Red and black. I have 24v on the E pin that should have enabled it.
I just check the stepper the casing and board on top of it seems lose.(all the other steppers the casing and board are pretty secure) Looks like it is just a circuit board that plugs in I tried to reseat that but still not working.

My fault for not checking. The back end of the motor was caved into the housing. My guess is that’s what the problem is. I would delete the post but it won’t let me so mark this as problem found.

Hey Matthew,

does it work now? If so, you could click on the “solved” icon :slight_smile:

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I Clicked Solution. Not technically solved but a very probable reason why, pending new part.

Hey Matthew,

the solution was to write an E-Mail to support@onefinitycnc.com, I assume.

I had the same problem on my Elite but it was the X rail motor, 1F is shipping me a new one today.

Having the same issue with my X & Y motors!! Hoping 1F support will assist soon.

I had the same issue with one of my Y motors. It was pretty beat up and needed replaced.

My experience was Onefinity support was amazing. I had very quick communication with them and they were very thorough having me check everything so they could get me all i needed. Super fast shipping of replacement motor and took 10 min to swap out and was up and running.

I know they are working on packaging redesign to hopefully eliminate future issues like this.

Anyone finding this thread just reach out to support. They will get you fixed up.

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