Stopping Mid Job and Losing Home

So im pretty sure I known the answer but I figured I’d poll the hive mind.

So I’m set up in a single circuit garage, so the Onefinity and shop vac are on a shared circuit. If I run a carve longer than an hour it’s invaluable that the one seems to stop, lose its zeros and homing, and load the first job in the system, as if I just booted up the machine, minus the request to home.

I fairly certain it do to the shop vac been on the same circuit. Has anyone else experienced this?

I know pulling a 2nd circuit would be optimal, but no current feasible for a number of reasons. Has any tried a power conditioner and had any luck?

I experience the same issue when I started using my 1F (+vfd, pump, vac, etc.) last year on a 15Amp breaker.

I temporarily changed to a 20Amp breaker and did not have issue.

My final solution was to design this which have Dual Power Source (Automatically controlled accessories use a second power cord that can be plug into an outlet that is on another circuit breaker)

  • Primary power cord for on or off switching of CNC, VFD and Light
  • Secondary controlled by SSR-Solid State Relay or Manually from switch when position is MAN.

Take a look at this

Hi Nate - unfortunately I don’t think a conditioner will help much. Best bet is to compute how much power all your components draw and make an assessment. Example from my setup:

Shop vac - 11.4amps
Spindle - 6 amps
Controller - 5 amps

Total - 22.5 amps – I have not measured the actual current draw (yet) and the spindle current will vary based on work load. Regardless, I needed two circuits. I happened to have one 15 amp and one 20 available, so it worked out for me.

If you can get a ‘small’ shop vac that has a modest current draw you might be able to pull it off from a single 15amp circuit but it will be very tight depending on work load.

Hope this helps.


Hey Tom,

That makes sense, but isn’t completely the issue. I’ve metered the amperage draw at the break, I have a 20amp breaker, with the cnc on, 1/4em pocket hard maple with the shop vac and all the lights and other what-nots on the circuit I’m pulling 13amp. A tripped breaker is not my issue, that shows up when I run my planner :crazy_face:

My thoughts was to put the Onefinity control and router on a power conditioner, in hopes to clean up the noise the shop vac is putting through the circuit. On longer carves the screen will black in and out, no always, but some point later the Onefinity will lose all of its home and stop its job. The system shows everything unhomed, but doesn’t ask me to rehome, the router keeps running and the shop vac never turns offs.

So im assuming the Onefinity control doesn’t like the noise the shop vac is putting on the circuit.

I hope that makes sense.


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Maybe a good UPS (uninterrupted power supply)? They will ‘condition’ your spikes and brownouts and will let the machine keep running even if a breaker trips, at least for a little while.


Resurrecting an old thread here, but am wondering whether or not anyone has solved controller power noise issues using power conditioners for their control boxes. Especially when dealing with existing wiring that isn’t easily split across panel buses.

This one was recommended to me from someone that uses them when setting up audio equipment on the same circuit that lighting and/or computers use.

Make sure you are grounding your dust collection. Also this thread may be useful.

Onefinity Controller Stopping Mid-Program (solved: EMI / Static Build up) - Controller - Onefinity CNC Forum

Also @JRedman, I added UPS, haven’t noticed much of difference.