Strange Error Code

I am not new to using the OneFinity with Carbide Create and Vcarve. I was on the OneFinity Fakebook group and a member had a question so I have been trying to assist. He sent me his file so that I can see if I can duplicate the error on my machine.

Using a 1" WhiteSide flattening Bit
150 Feed Speed
.05 plunge depth
.5 step over
15500 spindle speed

zero is in the lower left corner. All starts fine on the run then the error codes show. I am at a loss as to what is going on. Attached is the file along with a pic of the error codes.

JKCanvas_Flattening.c2d (6.1 KB)

There are toolpaths going outside the limits of the machine (816mm). This is a common error when setting up the spoil board surfacing the first time… Make sure any lead-ins and lead-outs are contained within the machine limits. On my spoil board I did a pocket cut starting from the middle and working towards the outside and made sure the bit could exit within the limits.

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We tried another known good file of mine that was set to the center and received an error for the x axis. See attached pic.

Make sure you zero the work coordinates at the same place the G-code is expecting it. When executing an x move to -10 inches this was translated to machine coordinates of -1.596 mm or -.0628 inches which means your x origin is at 10 - .0628 = 9.9372 inches in machine coordinates. This is an odd x origin for a spoilboard.

If you are using the touchprobe, this will make things wrong as well.
Here’s the faq and videos showing why and how to do it: