Stuck on downloaded screen

received my machine and set it up. Used a thumb drive to download a file and it machined perfect. today I inserted the thumb drive and when I pressed the icon to access the thumb drive it showed me 4 options but when I press on the usb options they are empty. at the bottom right it is on customized files and when it opens up bellow it is all files but I can’t toggle to it.
I now am stuck on the downloaded files and can get back to the screen that shows the usb drives to choose.
any suggestons?

Are you sure you have the usb stick formatted correctly and are loading files the controller can see and use?

I was unaware of the possible size limit and I’m using a 256G stick. It uploads files to the display fine and selects and loads them, but the machine doesnt cut them properly, either cuts the air above the wood or buries the bit way too far down into the wood… could the flash drive be the problem? I’ve also liked to wifi with the same problems…

The file (bites) doesn’t sound like your problem, the z zero that you’ve set in your program sounds more like it. From top of material or top of wasteboard?

Top of material, I’m using vcarve pro.