Suckit Dust Boot Arms - Quality of Life Upgrade

The original arms work pretty good… until you crash them in work pieces and snap them off. In light of this, I decided to make some out of impact resistant polycarbonate, upgrade the twist nuts to cam levers, and put some N52 magnets in and then I decided to make an extra set for my buddy @ColemanDesignsInc after he had a mishap as well.

Here are some photos and link to the reel Sam made. They are rigid and so easy to use!

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Thanks @huntingtonbuilds for this! πŸ™

Last year a mishap happened and the dust boot arms for the @realsuckitdustboot didn

Btw, I understand why Onefinity did not do this originally, it ain’t cheap and would have driven up the cost of the dust boot considerably.

All photos and video property of @ColemanDesignsInc.


Do you have the files; I’m being lazy, i know. My dust boot arms are ok at the moment but when i do crash them i might 3d print some.

Not going to post them but I will email them to you if you message me your email address.

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The camlocks are sweet! Have you found a source for them?

EDIT: Found your other post saying it is an 8 - 32 thread and you can order from McMaster. Thanks.

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I believe you could also you can also order them from Kipp. You want them β€œAdjustable” so you can fine tune them.


KIPP - Adjustable Cam Levers with external thread, inch (

I got a few requests over on Instagram so I decided to add them to my shop.

John, thanks for the concept here. I came up with a small tweak by using a threaded rod to the length needed, printed a sliding block to replace the factory one, and put a nut on the back side to adjust the tension.

Here’s a video of how mine works. Thanks again!


Nice Job Alan! That works great for people who want use the original.

If you want to give me credit, (I am assuming, I am the gent you are referring to you.) You can reference me as John from @huntingtonbuilds.

Once again awesome job and thanks for sharing. You could add a bit of Loctite on the back nut to help it keep the settings.

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Great idea! What length should the threaded part be?

With my custom arms, I use 1-3/16" (30mm) but that doesn’t work with the original arms. I am not sure what size @Alphonse used for his alternative solution.

Mine are 2 1/2 inches long all thread. While my arms are custom made/printed, this length would work with the factory arms. That is enough length for full engagement in the clamp as well for a stop nut/washer on the back side.

I the printed slide bar with a stop nut replacing the threaded metal factory one makes adjusting this much easier. If you are using the threaded factory sliding piece, it is more tedious to get the clamp tension just right.


I was going to recommend that! :slight_smile:


Thanks @cyberreefguru, I did some unintentional durability test when I was squaring up the machine and they took it like a champ. :sweat_smile:


Hello John,
They look great.
I’ve had my OneFinity for about a month now and I crashed my right side dustboot arm. I’ve temporarily repaired it by epoxying a piece of wood in to act as a splint.
Could you please send me the files for yours?


Hi John,

I’d love to be able to print a pair of these in polycarbonate and would really appreciate receiving the stl files.


Everyone just message me directly if you would like the file. Probably don’t want to post your personal email.

If you would like it sooner and/or would like to support more upgrades, please consider purchasing it directly from my Etsy shop. It is only a few dollars. Remember this is different than the Onefintiy version but designed to work specifically with their machine and the dust boots.


@TheyCallMeJohn do you have directions to create the gcode in vectric?

No, I do not. Sorry.