Support: Wifi Module Not Found? on Elite Masso machines (FAQ)

This FAQ is to troubleshoot the ‘wifi module not found?’ on Elite Masso Machines.

  1. Turn off MASSO and remove the top cover from the G3 inside the

  2. Unplug the WiFi module from the main board and plug it back in.
    Make sure the pins are aligned correctly. This will effectively
    clean the pins and ensure a good contact.

  3. Repower MASSO and check to see if it can now see the WiFi module.
    If the WiFi module is still showing as WiFi module is not found, the WiFi module is faulty.
    Please create a ticket with Masso support here to further diagnose the issue: Support | CNC Support for All Users | MASSO

More info from masso documentation showing what the Wi-Fi model looks like and how to disconnect/reconnect.


I don’t know what support thinks of this, but ever since I’ve worked with computers (45+ years), be it cables or cards, I’ve always put a very thin coat of hi-temp di-electric grease on the connections and/or pins with a Q-tip. And I’ve never had a problem with corrosion, dust buildup or a bad connection. Also works great on small batteries so they don’t corrode the contacts in a battery box. I DO NOT use it on cell phone batteries.