Surfacing Cabinet or Wood Doors

I need help!

I have a project to resurface, level and remove paint and other coatings, sunken panels on several doors. The panels are recessed by 1/4 inch and have a 3/16 inch offset from the inside door frame. I modified my touch probe so that I can use it in the inside left corner of the sunken panel. I can easily do a xyz probe on the corner and zero to the corner. I would really like to establish x and y min and max soft limits so that I don’t milling into the door frame. Does anyone have advice about setting this up as a project, Should I use Easel, VCarve (?) or how to program the max and min soft limits and possibility of using offsets?

have you tried Fusion? just throwing it out there Seems like you could use 2D pocket to clean up the area

I’ll second this proposition. Model the door and then you can set origins wherever and cut whatever you like.

I hope i understand your challenge: milling inside a frame but need absolute assurance you’re not going to hit the frame.

I assume you are already using a CAD/CAM Program. I use VCarve and Fusion360: both of these can do it with a procketing profile.

If you want to be sure you’ve got the set up right i might do some of the following:

  • air-cut a single shallow pass (set the Z-height higher than the frame. Aircut inside the frame without the bit turning (sometimes this means you need to set the speed to zero in the gcode)

  • manually cut the first inch using midi input after doing initial check without the bit turning.

  • inspect the gcode, line by line or in another gcode presentstion app. To be doubly sure.

Alternatively, take the frame off if possible. Do with a hand held router sat on rails on the frame. Coarse sand paper.

I woukd not do this but you could change the x,y limits in the onefinity controller to control the end points, but only addresses 2 of 4 limits needed

I have created my fusion small business account but havent got it figured out yet. The 2D pocket sounds right. Does Fusion also help establishe the soft min and max limits on teh machine?

I’m starting out so that sounds like a good plan.

I worked on essentially modeling the setup last night. We have constructed a table that allows me to position the doors in exactly the right position so that my 2D pocket will work on each door using the same template. I was also able to get my x and y soft limits to work so the the bit can’t touch the door frame. that took a bit of doing by essentially mapping out the x and y positions using a 1/4 dowel as my bit. Do you know if there is a what to program the x and y soft limits using gcode or something like that?

Not of the Machine… Just don’t make the ‘setup’ larger than what the machine can cut.