T track? Or no t track

Do you have photo? Curious to see it.

I plan on saving my perfectionist tendencies and OCD compulsions for the actual enclosure. Which is still in the design phase…

any specific brand, you prefer?

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I went with this approach with my T-tracks:

Gives me an almost full 3/4" of wasteboard to use, and keeps the t-tracks from pulling up out of the MDF.


I went with T-Tracks, dog holes and threaded inserts (actually t-nuts from below). I also milled the table surface to take threaded inserts and put countersunk holes in the wasteboard slats so that I could bolt them down, making it easier in the future to replace them without having wood screws dig holes in the table top (eventually failing). This gives be tons of options for holding/clamping and I have used them all (sometimes multiple methods on the same piece).


That’s the best way. You never need to worry about flattening and hitting the inserts. Or removing and then screwing in 100 inserts again. That’s such a tedious job.

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DoubleS, are these of your own design? Got any additional instructions?

Yes, this is my own design. I sell a digital package on Etsy that includes a list of hardware I used (and where to get it), Vetric files (with sample toolpaths already created using the default tool database), vector files and step by step instructions.

I don’t think I am allowed to post the link here but if you search for “Spoilboard System for Onefinity Journeyman” (include the quotes) you will find it (under the seller SLFTropics).

shambles i am in wilmington nc where in nc are you?

Thanks DoubleS, I will check it out.

What is your etsy store?

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Sorry it has taken so long to respond. The store name is SLFTropics - it is my my wife’s rare tropical plant business.

Thank you, I will check it out.

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Where do i get those T-Tracks with the cut outs every say 12" inches

The waste board pictured above is made from strips of MDF about 8" wide with the black T-tracks between them. The holes in the MDF were milled with the CNC itself.

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Found the etsy store does it have a list of hardware needed?

Work and life got busy and had to put the CNC machine project on hold…
Back at the CNC machine and doing the set up of the waste board.
I am going with something close to Double S’s design. Will have the threaded inserts installed in the table top with the spoil board bolted down to the table vs screwed down.
I am thinking of using a 1/4" bit to drill holes through the spoil board and table top at the same time. Then use a 9mm drill bit to bore out the holes on the underside of the table top to except the threaded inserts.
Not sure how many bolts I should do per section as this will be just for holding the spoil board to my table top.

I’ve never had a T track. I just screw into my wasteboard and knock it back down with a scraper.


Starting with 6 threaded inserts into my table from the bottom per slat of MDF.
Figure I can always add more later if I need them for work holding or to further sturdy the slats.
Now I need to get some longer screws since the threaded insert is not in my spoil board…longer reach.
Thought about using nylon bolts but going regular steel for the spoil board hold and maybe try nylon if I go threaded inserts for work holding.

I set up a grid pattern of locating holes and threaded inserts. I know I have an inert every 2 inches in x and y directions. That works best for me. I can design fixture plates and bolt them down anywhere. I can make sure my toolpaths don’t collide with bolts. I can countersink bolts in a fixture if I need to be sure.

I hated the gaps the t track left under a piece. I found that gap gave me more headaches than it was worth.

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