The Table basic

Better late than never. Good guess but it is quarter sawn American Sycamore. Great wood to work with, quite stable.

Looking like the machine is a few weeks behind schedule. getting my hopes up for first week of May.

Got my order in, one Woodworker coming to Scotland sometime in July/August.
In the mean time I’m planning on something like this… I took a good bit of inspiration from @rcincorona (tips hat). It’s going to be up against a wall so no need for access to the rear.
All the wood is here and most of the smaller components, still need to order the glass for the front, but other than that I think I’m about ready to start cutting timber :slight_smile: :smiley:


Thx for the hat tip @AndrewBrown !:+1:
I’m due to get mine in the next couple of weeks so I’ll hopefully have a few more pics. Happy building!

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@rcincorona you’re very welcome. This is my second version. After I saw yours I scrapped the whole design and started again. I love the big windows and flip front. Hopefully the MDF will keep the noise down a bit too. Looking forward to see what else you’re doing with your build.

Hey @AndrewBrown
I used 2 layers of 1/2” baltic for a total of 1” for 95% of it. Due to the design, it needed a little extra rigidity so i added 1/8” thick steel bands in a few strategic places. You can see a couple in the attached pic. Also added some elbows, trying not to add bulk inside where the vac hose will move around.


Thanks for the info @rcincorona
I’m going for 18mm mdf with 45x45mm pine bracing where the edges meet. Plus a brace across the roof where the main shell and door meet too. It should be strong enough to support its own weight. If not I have access to a 1kW fibre laser and CNC press brake, so I can knock out some 3mm steel strengthening gussets easily enough (the perks of working at a large university :wink:) I haven’t settled on a hose boom design yet but I think I’m going to use the pwnCNC dust shoe as I like the rear facing hose route. Once I get the box built I’ll have a better look at what’s going to fit in nicely.

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An aside…One thing I particularly enjoy about this forum is all the folks from outside the USA. At our core, all crafters and woodworkers are the same.:blush:
I’m also starting to get more comfortable with the the whole metric thing…which is a good thing!


@rcincorona ha ha. That’s funny because I’m finding myself getting better acquainted with imperial speeds and feeds, due to the amount of American CNC YouTube videos, before converting back to metric:)


Here is what I got done this weekend. I am still two months away on my 1F but just getting things going. Planning on a bottom shelf and or cabinet. Still need to run a separate power for the 1F.

Looks great. Is that the 44"x44" table frame? I am planning to use the same one. The only difference is I am putting mine on casters and using 2 pieces of 49"x65"x1" MDF trimmed in hardwood for the table top.

Are you hooking your 1F to a dedicated Dust Right?


Yes that is a 44x44 kreg table. I saw someone else on here do the same setup. It is 48"x60" and I am going to get some White oak or something hard to trim it out. Not sure I need 60" as I was planning on mounting the controller under the table top or on the bottom shelf. I still need to add the shelf. The Big box store did not have the normal MDF so I picked up this particleboard MDF since it was $30 a board. I have a portable 750 Dustright coming but I think if I like that I will get the wall mounted 650 to hook up to my 1F. I need to run power then play the waiting game. I had read that the table on casters was a little shaky so I opted for the legs for stability.


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That looks great! Did you use any stretchers underneath the top? I just got the 44" x 44" Kreg base myself and am debating this.

I did add a notched 2x4 spanning the middle as added support. But the layered 3/4 is pretty sturdy.

What specifically did you do differently with the electric?

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Hi @AndrewBrown
Here’s the rig with the WW, dust collection, lights and drag chain/coiled power cord upgrade.


Got my 2x4 basics workbench built for my OF. Easy to build as can be. Putting the poly finish on it took the longest.

Did my cable management ala @muddyfeet thanks for the great inspiration - I used some of the files as is and I changed a few to suit me (have the router not a spindle so I made a simpler attachment at the top of the Z tower.

Designing an enclosure based on the one by @rcincorona, All in fusion so far, haven’t cut the first piece of wood yet.

Got my touch screen and joystick on a laptop stand. Will do something better than the 2 bolts holding the joystick.

A few pics below:


@rcincorona looking good Roger! Construction on mine starting in the next couple of weeks :grimacing:

Do you have better images on how you did the wheels? I bought those plastic legs and I am unsure of how to put wheels on it.

@EdsCrafts I don’t have wheels on mine and from what I’ve seen you can’t put wheels on the legs themselves. I think some people have put them on the 2x4s between the legs.

@rcincorona - I’ve got a question regarding the piano hinge joint. Do you find yourself using that or do you open up the whole side at a time? I’m debating if I want to include those or if I’d rather leave each side one solid unit.