Tiling problem!

I cannot get my machine to tile properly. I have watched “how to” videos on Youtube and have followed directions. However… when I move my work piece to cut the 2nd tile - and I move the work piece to the bit never moving the bit, the machine DOES NOT start the 2nd tile cut where it should be, which ruins work every time I try to tile. I never had this problem tiling projects with my old Mach 3 machine. I use Vcarve Pro version 12. Suggestions?

Hey Raykocj3420,

have you checked that your machine is

  1. rectangular (“squared”) (bar gauge) and 2. coplanar (“not twisted”) (fishing line method) .

If the machine is not accurately rectangular (“squared”) all your workpieces will be a parallelogram. Often this is the cause when tiling fails.

If Aiph5u’s fix doesn’t work, could you describe how the tiled cut is off? Is it just a few mms, or wildly off?