Processor seems to be locked on last file run

When starting the machine after it’s up first thing I do is home the machine and I hope that you can see on the video I did it said under on the Y axis and there are homes on the furnace over under in the toolpath an OK and you’ll see it on the screen anyway and then I go to zero on my work I will let you know when I go to zero and I get that morning deal then I go to my work piece and zero using the pad and the magnetic pad and after zeroing it in I go to to start and I get another warning that are still on 20 something under the minimum whatever anyway somethings not working right so tell me what the heck I need to do because I got a lot I got to get done and I’m way behind so thanks guys
I tried to upload a video but it get a screen not allowing

I sympathize that you are experiencing some kind of problem and need some advise, but what you’ve presented is nearly unreadable/understandable. May I suggest that you might try expressing your problem and actions so far into an outline format and using punctuation?


Processor is locked up. When attempting to load files it shows it accepted and processed but runs last file run. Help please

It could be a problem in the G-code. If you still have it in your file memory, try running the “Onefinity” sample file. If it runs ok you’ve proven the issue is sourced in your original file.

What software are you using to create the G-code file? Others familiar with your software may be able to help as well.

Thanks for your response. I’m convinced it’s g code. I’m tiling 7’ board across 32” y axis. I created 3 @ 28 11/16 tiles. Saved each tile separately. Vcarve pro shows what suppose to cut on each tile. However what it shows is not what it’s cutting.
I don’t know if I could put each tile on seperate flash drive so to keep them from seeing each other. But then I think I have a .25 over lap built in that might not function as a result
Running out of hair to pull and the dead line is getting closer

Yup, tiling can be really tricky and lots of parameters to watch out for. I’m pretty sure V-Carve tiling requires the files be saved in one location in order to use the overlap feature. If you use separate stand alone files (on separate drives or just one single flash drive) you’d have to manually develop each tile using individual drawings to get the over lap. Zero location would be hard to establish as well.

If 1F is appears to be running the same file each time is it possible you accidentally saved each tile using the same tile number or something like that?

I think that happened to me one time when I saved the files using the Tiling Toolpath Manager instead of the Save Toolpath file feature. I’m not saying that is what is happening in your case though.

As a side note, I use foam board to test most of my tiling projects before cutting wood as an approach example. That doesn’t mean I’m not pulling hair during the process as well.

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I d like to say I figured it out but that’s not true. However I rebooted the journeyman, Vcarve and change flash drives. It’s seems to be working. Thx for your help

So glad to hear you got beyond the gremlins on this! Life is good now, right?

Only when I thought all was good.
I believe I also have a corrupted SD card. That’s may be my fault. I reflashed the card and I think I did it properly.
However it is cutting very poorly. You would think to look at it that blade on 60% v bit was broken.
Is it possible to purchase a new 32 bit SD card with the journeyman formate? Who do I contact???

You’ll need to contact Customer Service for info on purchases. They may also be able to guide you through re-flash on the current card, perhaps as a stop-gap measure.

BTW, I’ve broken my share of bits with no illusions there will not be more in my future.

I may have mis stated that. The bit is not broken. Only as if it had a chunk broken. Thanks again for help. I sure need it
Tom LaSalle