Walking during a second or third pass

I was running a program I created on VCarve Pro, something simple, a step text design when on a second pass my Y-axis walked up about a half an inch and cut through the first pass. I was watching it run so I stopped the machine, did a complete shutdown and power up, home and used my X, Y, Z probe on another piece with similar design step text. Still using VCarve Pro, it did it again on a second pass.
I had used this template before and hadn’t had an issue, but two projects in a row has me worried that it’s either my controller or the software I’m using. Any of my Maker pros have any suggestions?

When was the last time you backed out the bearings and cleaned them? If you haven’t in the last 2 months you should probably do it.

I went on vacation and haven’t really been using my Journeyman until recently. I guess a good cleaning and lube couldn’t hurt. Thanks